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Your membership is essential to :
  • Be informed of the scientific advances and life of the association: 
  • Newsletters , news, ... 
  • Being invited to the Annual Meetings 
  • Participate in the General Assembly , 
  • Be informed and prospective involvement in research protocols, 
  • Etc.

Be linked to other people affected by sickle cell and thalassemia : 
  • Friendly meetings Interact in international networks of fight against sickle cell disease. 
  • Be proactive , information exchange and support of research internationally.

Your membership allows

Your membership allows you to:
  • Welcome doctors, French and foreign researchers at our events 
  • To live the association to defend your case 
  • Go to the member area 
  • etc

The bulletin "Info sickle cell " an update on the progress of work in the world, gives practical advice , information on the activities of the association and concrete answers your questions .
It is a means of communication between researchers, doctors, and members. It tracks the actions and projects of the year.
The Board meeting of CAREST proposes a basic contribution of 25 US dollars.

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CAREST-Network (CAribean network of REsearchers on Sickle cell disease and Thalassemia)

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